Everything eventually becomes obvious

When building software, we all strive for simplicity. We spend days, even weeks ruminating on how to reduce friction and make it easy for people achieve their goals without needing for us to tell them how.

Because we work on our software every day, we will have a fundamentally different understanding of how our application works than people who will try it for the first time. All decisions that we make are derived from our own experience, which, unfortunately, does not so easily transfer to others.

When you work on something long enough, everything starts to look obvious. Every form and every button seem to be a straightforward path to achieve what your application is designed for. The more time we spend thinking how things could work, the more our perception gets detached from average consumer’s point of view.

Sometimes taking a break is a good strategy. It lets your brain to reset and allows you to look at your solution from a different pair of eyes, even for a second. The answer eventually will reveal itself.

Rolandas Barysas
Hello, my name is Rolandas Barysas. I write software for a living, splitting my time between freelancing and personal projects.