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Ignore your competitor's answer

“How they did it?”—It’s the question that emerges frequently when building software products. When we get stuck, we often look to our competitors to get an answer.

What would happen if you’d ignore your competition and imagine that you’re the only one with this particular problem? This type of view introduces constraints and prevents you from perceiving other products solutions as your own. This is what they are—solutions to other products—not the solution to yours.

Rather than looking to others when you encounter a problem, look at yourself instead. What would you do?

This is how innovation happens. Solve the problem with your own hand, rather than becoming another same looking software on the market, because unless you differentiate yourself, your product simply has no reason to exist.
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Rolandas Barysas
About the author
My name is Rolandas Barysas, and I mostly write software, splitting my time between freelancing and personal projects. Also avid original scores listener. Enjoying life in the slow lane.

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