Rolandas Barysas
Hello, my name is Rolandas Barysas.
I work as a software engineer, making my own projects and doing freelance work on the side.
This website is my only presence on the internet. I have accounts on some other platforms, but I don't engage in those except for work. I don't use social media.

On work

I enjoy working alone (or with a small number of people). I'm an introvert, so a lot of communication is tiring for me. Days when I get most stuff done are quiet.

I've been working remotely since day one. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I try to be self-sufficient in most situations. This is how I got into programming—I didn't want to ask someone to make a website for me, so I learned on my own.

I have mixed feelings about the internet these days. I love the opportunities it presents, but I feel uneasy about privacy violations and addiction economy. With my work I hope to contribute to the former rather than the latter.

On life philosophy

My life choices are built around the idea of slow and stress-free living. This is why I work only for myself, avoid conflicts, do no multitasking and focus on the long term. I always try to prepare for the worst (stoic principles feel close to heart).

Every day I go for a walk for at least an hour. It's good for the body and good for the mind. It also makes time to go slower.

Contact me

Best way is to write me an email.

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